I know, I know! Everyone has taken pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge. I see the bridge photos during bright sunny days, but as you know, if you live in San Francisco, that is not the norm. Fog and clouds are a common sight. I believe this picture captures San Francisco and the bridge uniquely.
Enough of my rambling. This image was shot from Marshal Beach. The aperture was F14 with the Canon 2.8 24-70MM lens zoomed to 70 MM. My camera was the Canon Eos 5D Mark IV. I set my focus on the hyperlocal distance, which was at the closet to me. I forget the distance, but the distance would be different for everyone anyway. I will not explain the hyperlocal distance here but will talk about this in another post in the future. As you see, every part of the images is in focus, and thanks to the cloudy skies, the exposure was perfect, making the bridge stand out in the picture. The waves and reflections on the shore lead you to the photo’s primary focus and give the image depth.
Let me know what you think of the photo in the comments below, and let’s see what develops.